Conflict FPS - The Multiplayer Shooter FPS Game for PC

Those of you who love fast action shooters and simple arcade-style gameplay will love this game from Total Rush Games.

Conflict FPS Multiplayer Shooter FPS Game on Steam

Conflict FPS is a fast-paced tactical shooter game. The player joins a team that must work together to defeat enemies in a variety of game modes each with a different objective.

The game offers three maps you can play in. The maps include a space station for people who love their sci-fi, an abandoned factory which is more of a traditional tactile shooter map and an old market town that looks like it is tasked from a time out of ancient history. They all have different layouts and provide enjoyment for most players including beginners and experienced FPS gamers.

There are a variety of different player skins you can choose from. Some skins are free and other skins can be earned by levelling up. Other items, including weapons, can be purchased and added to your inventory while another item can only be earned by levelling up as you progress in the game.

There are a few different game modes available in this game including free-for-all, team death match and capture the flag. When you create a private game room you can decide on the game mode for other sessions.

Yes, I did say private game room. You can create a room for your private match and invite others with a password or leave the room open for other people to join you. You can control the room parameters and decide on things such as the map the session will be placed on, the minimum ping allowed, the game mode, player limit and more.

I would not say this game is for esports right now, but the potential is there. I will say Conflict FPS is a great game for competitive players who want to shoot it out against friends or family. As of April 2024, the game is available as a playtest on Steam so anybody can install it and play for free.